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One time he developed blisters all over his body and could not play; too much orange juice, he thinks. ''You get your thoughts in order, you say some prayers, stuff like that.''. How many thousands of blown layups has he witnessed in 45 years? But when he became the head coach, the Bruins’ offense and defense changed as regularly as the seasons — from a motion offense to double high-post sets to pressing and trapping and back to the motion. Then, a week later, Mr. Curran called to ask whether Mr. Nash would honor him by introducing him at an awards ceremony. Neil Olshey loved job he did w/…,, May 7, 2014 – Payne will make $500,000 annually and Robic will get $375,000, the same as newly hired assistant Barry "Slice" Rohrssen, whose contract…,, Apr 4, 2015 – Rohrssen, the former Pitt assistant, seems to have a pretty good gig with the Wildcats working with John Calipari, making a base salary of about…,, May 7, 2014 – New assistant coach Barry Rohrssen, hired to replace Orlando Antigua after … That impressive salary, along with the prestige of the Kentucky…. … Rohrssen’s base salary at UK was reported to be $375,000 plus…, Kentucky’s Slice Faces Tough Decision, But Prefers the Pizza in New York. ''You see how that Molloy player grabbed the rebound, came down and went into a crouch?'' Stacked beside a favorite chair are copies of ''Why I Am a Catholic,'' by Garry Wills, and a biography of Sandy Koufax, the great Dodgers pitcher. Jason Hoover, Mr. Martinez's friend and former teammate, recalled that in the weeks before the man died, Mr. Curran was at his bedside.

After St. John’s made overtures to Billy Donovan and Paul Hewitt, its mission was clearly to make a splash, to land a big-name coach. ''You gotta go right up with it.''. The winter sun had yet to cast its weak light upon the row houses of Port Chester, but Mr. Curran was already standing among the handful at the 6:45 Mass at Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, rocking slightly at a pew's far end. Through demographic shifts and Catholic school closings, through grade school recruiting and high school commercialization, Jack Curran is that coach who never left. What's more, the current president of Molloy, Brother Richard Van Houten, chooses not to attend any of the school's sporting events. At a high school tournament near Seattle, while coaches and scouts sat in the bleachers taking notes on prospects, Lavin watched the games from the side, pedaling away on an exercise bike until he was soaked with sweat.

May 26, 2015 – … under John Calipari will total $1.44 million in salary next season.

The way things worked out is that Mr. Curran won nearly 2,300 baseball and basketball games and lost a little more than 700. His mother was in her last months then, and living in the back bedroom.

Mr. Curran, he said, did not seem to understand what he was talking about. It contained brittle news clippings about his dominance as a pitcher for St. John's University; about his signing a minor-league contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers; about his exploits in ballparks from Miami to Quebec. 1-ranked Stanford. ''Play zone!'' (BRIAN BRANCH PRICE/BRIAN BRANCH PRICE) RELATED: ISAIAH BRISCOE PICKS … ''I figured, aah, the heck with it,'' he said. ''Jack is welcome to stay as long as he wants to,'' he said of the man who was once his high school gym teacher. But the memories of Molloy drubbings endure. The air of triteness to his reason for coming back year after year -- for the kids -- evaporates when Mr. Curran is imploring a rattled young player to remain calm under pressure, or when he is talking about how, in the hubbub of another season, he is suddenly reminded of his impact on three generations of boys.

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