astral chain max duty rank

The Duty Reports are part of the Police Database info accessible at the beginning of File 06, and later File 10 in ASTRAL CHAIN. Every time you level up in Astral Chain, you hit new rank. Level Up Fast in Astral Chain

To increase your rank, you need to obtain the required amount of duty points for each rank.

Leveling Up Your Officer. Specialist+ is only that's a bit insane if its actually +100 a rank.

Doing so will gain you more experience at the end of each chapter. - articles on the action genre's best. How do I solve File 8 Police Officer Riddle note? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

In Astral Chain, the officer you play as has a Duty Rank. Astral Chain: Here is the Duty Report Password The Duty Report gives important information about the main characters' pasts, but it is locked by … You gain experience when you take part in combats and if you perform well by taking as low damage as possible and collecting the Red Matter then you boost up your experience at a much higher rate. Given that, the best place may actually be File 11, which has a few easy side cases at the start with very good Duty Point rewards. Can someone give me answers to Lappys Quiz? You start off by completing the missions provided to you by the game. Your Police Rank affects your max health and the duty rewards you receive at the end of a file. You have Legion which levels up through fighting.

He wears the standard Neuron uniform of a white dress shirt underneath a blue puffy jacket with two white stripes and the Neuron logo branded on the upper left ar… ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Level Up Guide – Astral Chain. The character you choose to play with is your officer and it comes with a Duty Rank. A s*** ton? So anyone know a list of the ranks?

More Legion means more Gene Code and that is how you will level up faster as you gain much more experience in this time. I’m at specialist+ rn. IIRC if you have 2000 HP you're maxed.
What's the best way to beat the golden slimes?

Now, if you want to level up your Legion at a faster rate then whenever an enemy is close to dying and the finisher icon appears on the screen, make sure to use the finisher on the enemy and this is how you are going to earn even more Gene Code which will level up your Legion faster.

Our Astral Chain Level Up Guide details how you can quickly level up both your Officer as well as your Legion in Astral Chain. I imagine it must be a ridiculous amount of duty points. Gaining more Legion in all the combats should be your top priority while playing the game. Completing these missions helps you in gaining experience which increases your Duty Rank. Using the Legion attack will finish off the enemy and will also restore your health.

They contain records of cases, as well as notes or reports from Neuron officers. Idk which level is the best.

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What’s the ranks?

Your Police Rank affects your max health and the duty rewards you receive at the end of a file.

You can check how much duty points you've accumulated in a file below your health gauge, next to an icon that is similar to a star/flower. Whenever your Duty Rank increases, your health fills up and you are also provided with a new costume to wear.

Whenever your Duty Rank increases, your health fills up and you are also provided with a new costume to wear. The Duty Rank determines its level in other words.

So now you know that whenever you are taking part in combat, which should be very often, all you have to do is to try dodging the enemy attack which is going to do you less damage and finish all the enemies by doing the finish off. When you are done with the Files, you are awarded the experience at the end and that is how you are given the Duy Rank.

It's +200 health per rank.

Each time you level it up, you are awarded a costume item in addition to raising your maximum health. Can you get the Raven outfit/ Legion color.

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