arma 3 damage mod

Bullet damage is realistic - hit them where they aren't protected and they go down hurtin'. Every major location on the target takes some damage. the effects are particularly dramatic for high damage-value weapons and for indirectHit weapons. In the same category of immersion as Speed of Sound, but a step higher on the ladder, we have the JSRS Sound Mod, which is an absolute must-have for any player of Arma III.

These values are usually much lower in RAM than vanilla A3 (i.e. If it does, the bullet is instantly teleported to the other side of the geometry. The polygons represent FG and the purple circles represent the virtual spheres created by hitpoint vertices and their radii. A projectile is headed for the target.

Bug report here: noticed that explosions are visually affected by this mod. (This is noticeable if you fire weapons while using a projectile tracing script). Arma projectiles tend to only "notice" the.

If the projectile can penetrate the target's armor, it will continue moving and doing damage as it goes. Case B: The projectile does not penetrate through the entire FG. The bullet will slowly approach the plates and then appear to 'zip' through them in rapid succession, only slowing back down when travelling through air. One of the reasons that (stock) Arma vehicles take damage in the somewhat puzzling way that they do is due to their choice of hitpoint placement. In theory, a hitpoint location receives damage. Penetration section that an attack must simultaneously affect both fire geometry and a hitpoint to produce damage. While you could accomplish this with one giant hitpoint sphere, that would likely overlap with lots of other FG/armor. The idea here is to spread the vertices throughout the internal structure such that they do not spill out into or beyond the vehicle's armor plates. The projectile will terminate here or travel on through the target if it has penetration power remaining to do so. The damage is dealt with the following rules: If a target is within range (our trusty tank in the above diagram), it takes the same all-location damage described in part A.

And, yes, this description holds true for human targets (shoot someone in the hand, and their head will take some damage). This damage is applied to global damage as well, but reduced via passthrough value on the hitlocation and the global armorStructural value. This is also a consequence of the penetration code 'shortcut'.

", BI already fixed it, how about improving your shot, BI did not fix it. This page was initially based on Olds (talk) research during the creation of the Real Armor Mod ("RAM"). Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

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For damage to occur, a vehicle must have: In Simple terms: an attack must simultaneously penetrate both fire geometry and a hitpoint radius to cause the most damage to a vehicle.

Even with reduced difficulty.


Bruh my game kept crashing because this mod conflicts with ACE3.

explosive = 0.5 means half the damage falls off with speed and half does not).

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,

However, test results indicate that this is not true in every case, not matching any formula that has been floating around on various other damage related pages. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Arma 3.
Very thin components/armor (below 10mm thickness of the convex component) should be modelled thicker physically and reduced in "effective thickness" via plate materials, as the penetration accuracy for full material like "armour.rvmat" is not enough for such thin components. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. There are less "holes" between the spheres where a projectile can pass through without causing damage.

If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL.

Arma projectiles can skip through interpenetrating pieces of FG without noticing some of them.

Unless you have control over the P3D source file, you probably don't want to mess with this value. This weapon property does only one thing: it controls how much hit damage falls off with speed. Fatal damage is now controlled by either “Large hits to vital organs”, “Sum of trauma” or “Either”. The previous section focused on general hitpoint placement with respect to armor and the penetration sim.

It still takes at least five MX rounds to center mass to drop somebody and that's really getting annoying. Just wondering if anyone has anyexperience with the bullet damage enhancement mods, so sick of putting entire mags into single guys. Ranged indirectHit damage bypasses your armor (firegeometry) and damages you anyway. For example, iH=85 is enough to kill any human target without bodyarmor (iH_mod required = 0.33) within 4xiHR. The size of this radius depends on directDamage value of the projectile.

Use the most detailed and accurate armor data you can when creating your vehicle's P3D FG (armor).

Missile/Rocket ballistics are more complex (let's call them M/R's for short).
"airFriction" ceases to be a factor unless the projectile makes it is way through the target back out into open air.

BI itself increasingly has been using overlapped hitpoints in their models, so this approach should be considered safe. (BI seems to have taken up the idea, and is creeping up armorStructural values in more recent configs).

IndirectHit damage reaches freely through fire geometry to damage hitpoints. Penetration is simply a factor of [remaining projectile speed at impact] and [CfgAmmo>"caliber"]. A script-based approach must be used to enable those weapon types to penetrate armor correctly. Just wondering if anyone has anyexperience with the bullet damage enhancement mods, so sick of putting entire mags into single guys. respect LOS thickness, so you can use those where necessary. This is because the hitpoint spheres poke through the vehicle's FG. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Caliber-based ballistics work very well, but caliber is bugged for rockets & missiles (it can't be added). (For our discussion let's assume its a kinetic round on track for a direct hit vs. an AFV). Guided missiles on the other hand (simulation = "maverickweapon") broadcast their trajectory over the network, generating much more data traffic in multiplayer every time one is in flight. Note 2: since 1/4^4 is not 0, certain indirectHit values will kill certain targets at the entire Radius of 4xiHR.

Correctly calibrated weapons are only going to give realistic results if your armor settings are realistic.

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