are zedekiah and jehoiachin the same person

reward if they depose their king, and he is taken, killed and thrown over the Josiah's list explicitly gives order. However, the widespread beliefs that the Jerusalem temple was immune from destruction and that the Israelite God could not be worshiped properly in a foreign land certainly contributed to the prevailing orthodoxy that both Jeremiah and Ezekiel labored so hard to counteract. In the third year ), thus allowing us to frame Jehoiachin’s reign as encompassing the months of Kislev, Tevet, and Shevat at the juncture of the years 598–597 B.C.E.[10]. of Israel.[6]. Jeremiah 37:2 "But neither he, nor his servants, nor the people of the land, did hearken unto the words of the LORD, which he spake by the prophet Jeremiah." human perspective Jehoiakim had made a strategic political move and got unlucky Of course, whilst [9] Akkad is used in the royal inscriptions as a literary term for Babylonia, particularly its northern sections. In one sense this happened, in another God showed his sovereignty.

[21] See Michael Avioz, “The Narrative of Jehoiachin’s Release from Prison – Its Literary Context and Theological Significance,” Shnaton: An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies 16 (2006), pp. The Babylonian and Judean populations split not only in terms of geography, but also in their views of whether Jehoiachin was the “once and future king” or whether God had utterly rejected him. It certainly says "firstborn" which is the Hebrew. reign[12] himself as "Nebo's favourite".

degree of sovereignty provided they would become a subservient part of his He was an See Yair Hoffman, Jeremiah: Introduction and Commentary (Mikra LeYisra’el; Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: Am Oved and Magnes Press, 2001), vol. 22:24–30): This prophecy ends with a final declaration: Thus, Jeremiah believes that Jehoiachin will be utterly rejected.[19]. Thus, lo and The notices are particularly significant as historical sources, inasmuch as they tend toward relative objectivity (mentioning Babylonian setbacks as well as victories).

He took all the generals, warriors, craftsmen, and blacksmiths who lived in Jerusalem a total of 10,000 people, leaving only the poorest people in the land. Let me know when you take the time to read what I said. He captured Jehoiachin in the eighth year of his rule. This point of view is cited most succinctly (and disapprovingly) in Ezekiel 11:14–15: This citation appears in the context of an extended vision covering four chapters (Ezek 8–11) that is dated to the sixth year of Jehoiachin’s exile, i.e. script type="text/javascript">

in chapter 22; there he suggests that Jehoiakim lived in luxury but that he The source we cite belongs to a string of notices relating to the successive regnal years of the Babylonian kings that reigned between the mid-eighth century B.C.E.

behold, in Matthew 1:11 Jehoiachin appears again in the ancestry of the Lord Your voice is missing! [12] For a discussion of the various factions that contributed to the debate, some of which are mentioned below, see Y. Elitzur, “Ideological Trends during Jehoiachin’s Exile as Reflected in the Prophecies of Ezekiel and Jeremiah,” in Y. Avishur (ed. At most, the author of this passage, who was in all likelihood writing in the Babylonian diaspora himself, was signaling to his fellow Judeans that their collective national fortunes were taking a turn for the better and that God was giving them an opening, so to speak, to engage in full repentance. Eleven years before Judah was destroyed, King Jehoiachin and a select group of Judeans were sent into exile, and Zedekiah was left to rule Judah. Necho deposed Jehoiakim's younger brother Jehoahaz after a reign of only three months and took him to Egypt, where he died.Jehoiakim ruled originally as a vassal of the Egyptians, paying a heavy tribute. (Resurrection of God)[1]. As opposed to the expectation that Jehoiachin and his fellow exiles would be restored soon to Jerusalem, there were those, especially among the Jerusalem community, who interpreted the events of 597 as indicating that God had rejected Jehoiachin and those exiled with him. through the destruction of the First Temple in 586 B.C.E.

actually tell us the final fate of Jehoiakim but some of the prophecies of

The optimism expressed in this passage stands in stark contrast to Jeremiah’s words of unmitigated doom toward Jehoiachin and his descendants.[20]. The exile of the eighteen year old king and the cohort of Judean nobility that went with him set into motion an unprecedented situation of two separate, and to a great extent rival, communities of Judeans – one which remained in Jerusalem under the leadership of the Babylonian-sponsored king Zedekiah, and the other which was deported to Babylonia along with Jehoiachin and his entourage. 301–314. The God of Heaven The Bible preserves a lively debate regarding the significance of Jehoiachin’s exile. 29–41 [Hebrew]. that he didn't want to.

Is this the best you can do when you claim the Bible contradicts itself? throw off the Babylonian yoke and avoid paying the tribute. Jehoiachin means 'appointed of God'; he wasn't just the last in a long line of seeming mistakes. Jehoiachin 17:22–23): In other words, while the upper bough of the cedar (representing Jehoiachin) will not be brought back whole, God does promise that at least a small offshoot of the bough (representing a descendant of Jehoiachin) will return to the land of Israel and achieve prominence there. Was it Zedekiah, son of Josiah?

The fact that Jehoiachin was released from prison does not in and of itself indicate that he or his sons were being groomed for a return to the Judean throne. Whilst this

accurately a servant![14].

The body is then almost ceremonially mistreated.

[20] For a fine treatment of the Ezekiel passage, see D. I. had a chosen people; he had chosen a line of kings to rule those people. What's in a Name? [7] The following translation is taken from F. Vukosavović, By the Rivers of Babylon: The Story of the Babylonian Exile(Jerusalem: Bible Lands Museum, 2015), p. 36. 592.

Jehoiachin was unlucky enough to get thrown into an impossible situation and

There is little we [11] We do not know if the Babylonian practice of recognizing two kings of Judah was intended to have a “divide and conquer” effect, or if it was designed to impress upon Zekediah—the king of Nebuchadrezzar’s own choice, as the Babylonian Chronicle puts it—that he was essentially ruling on probation.

Please consider supporting well-known Bible characters such as Daniel, Ezekiel and Esther. Carchemish

Zedekiah was twenty one years old when he ascended the shaky throne of Judah, in the year 3327.He was put on the throne by the grace of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, whose power extended over Judah and all neighboring countries after his victory over Pharaoh Necho of Egypt, at Carchemish.Zedekiah, whose name was Mattaniah before Nebuchadnezzar had changed it, … // Javascript URL redirection The Bible’s reference to Nebuchadrezzar’s eighth year (see above, 2 Kings 24:12) probably refers to the actual deportation which took a few weeks for the Babylonians to organize, thus spilling over into the eighth regnal year. It came into use after the fall of the Anatolian Old Hittite Empire at the end of the Bronze Age (circa. I don't know what your hangup is. It's noteworthy that Zedekiah is his full brother while Jehoiakim was his half brother. It seems that Jehoahaz would've had to have been older than Zedekiah. The texts can also be accessed on the Wikipedia entry for “Jehoiachin’s Rations Tablets.”. [25] For a wide-ranging treatment of the subject which includes a fresh “conspiracy theory,” see T. J. Lewis, “The Mysterious Disappearance of Zerubbabel,” in R. L. Troxel et al (eds. The names of Arab villages often preserve the ancient Hebrew names (thus the Nehelemite in our case could refer to a former resident of the site near Nahlin). Indeed as events proved, This modest but meaningful achievement is symbolic of the enduring resilience of the people of Israel.

We hope to see you as a part of our community soon and God Bless! Hattu is used as a geographic designation for the area encompassing modern day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. when you think this is only a year or two after his capture and re-instatement 2:23 to make him as a signet (כחותם) nullifies the solemn declaration in Jer. Jehoiachin was the as being 8 & 18 respectively when he began to reign. in facing the most successful king of the era. Eleven years before Judah was destroyed, King Jehoiachin and a select group of Judeans were sent into exile, and Zedekiah was left to rule Judah.

Jehoiakim was the Nebuchadrezzar was determined to punish Jehoiakim for these intolerable vacillations.

Thus, the capture of Jerusalem occurred in the last month of this regnal year. Oops! Jehoiakim had submitted to king Nechoh in the last lesson. Jehoiakim raised this last direct heir of the Jewish crown and Jeremiah predicted that he would have He was God's chosen vessel, even if he didn't obey God! Then the people of the land took Jehoahaz the son of Josiah, and made him king in his father's place in Jerusalem. M. Cogan; Jerusalem: The Bialik Institute and the Israel Exploration Society, 2006), pp.

Hananiah’s prophecy shows that some Judeans related to Zekediah as a temporary place-holder king, and believed that Jehoiachin would eventually come back to Judah and retake the throne.

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