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Throughout this series of films, it is revealed that they're behind just about every nefarious plot Alice is tasked with taking down. More importantly, throughout the movie, Bell ponders the violence in the area where he is sheriff and, since he's close to retirement, wonders whether he's too old for the world in which he lives. For a while, she genuinely believes that she may be the last remaining human being on the planet. None of this matters anyway.

The final shot shows Dom Cobb reuniting with his kids. However, her escape is cut short when the helicopter is caught in the blast. As it crashes to the ground, she's impaled by a metal pole. The women in his life, represented in his mind by spiders. But Mitchell uses it as the setup for a pretty devilish little film. She becomes more and more mired in the depths of desperation. As the movies progress, she manages to uncover her past and find out why she alone has been tasked with saving humanity. Resident Evil: Apocalypse brings us into a whole new phase of Alice's journey. The film franchise introduces a new leading character, created specifically for the big screen: Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, who headlines every film in the series. Astronaut Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), on a desperate mission to find a new home for humanity, plummets into a black hole and drifts beyond the event horizon, finding himself inside a tesseract where he's able to see inside his daughter's bedroom at any point in her life. I thought that having all these separate places in one location was necessary for the character Do Hyun Soo to be able to move between his extremely complex and multilayered sides and carry on this interesting and nerve-wracking storyline.”. The helicopter explodes, but a parachuting figure escapes, implying that Wesker may still be alive.

Umbrella comes up with a simple plan to make their little problem go away before the entire world becomes infected: Dropping a nuclear bomb on the city.

This virus does not simply kill the infected — it turns them into zombies.

In episode 8, viewers were shocked to see the real Baek Hee Sung (played by Kim Ji Hoon) wake up after being unconscious. She says that it could take years for the antivirus to spread around the world, and until humanity has finally been saved, her work is never done. Other bits and pieces of Alice's past are unearthed, like her plans to go public with information about Umbrella's dangerous dealings.

Perhaps the reality of the film is his mind attempting to figure out why he was gunned down, to sort out a meaning for his senseless death. I think the way these conflicting ideas are all in full force creates the tension that becomes the strength that carries the plot.”, The director added, “In the middle of it is the character Do Hyun Soo, who strongly contrasts with the other characters within the drama. At times, it seems hopeless, but it turns out that she isn't the only one who has managed to hold on to her humanity in the midst of this zombie apocalypse.

The paradox is that Reese turns out to be the father of John Connor—by sending Reese back in time, John Connor created himself.".

Once she got down, Emma's big monologue, in the basement, we started to understand the relationship and what it was.

A major theme of the story is to ridicule the self-centered "greed is good" mindset of the decade, and make fun of the high-powered players of the finance world who embody that ethos the most.

But that's not a dream—it's just the best way for Wayne to show Alfred he's alive.

Vanilla Sky was definitely not the movie Cameron Crowe fans were expecting to see when they filed into theaters in December of 2001—especially not with Crowe's Jerry Maguire leading man Tom Cruise looming large on the poster.

The ending of episode 5 had viewers extremely emotional when Cha Ji Won sobbed as she saved Do Hyun Soo from drowning.

At the end of this Coen Brothers flick, Barton Fink wanders onto a beach, where he meets a woman resembling the picture decorating his sparse, depressing hotel room.

At first, Alice, Claire, and the other survivors are reluctant to believe Chris's claims, but when the undead manage to break into the prison, they have no choice but to follow his proposed escape route. The story feels like a particularly menacing dream, and at no point is this more evident than when the movie ends with Gyllenhaal walking into his find his wife has turned into a giant spider. Of all the movies on this list, this is the one with the ending that feels truly inexplicable. He used the ending of Inception as an example, saying: "[Cobb] was off with his kids, he was in his own subjective reality. And some of the characters she meets — like her "daughter," Becky — begin to feel very real, too. He simultaneously has all of the contrasts mentioned previously within himself. Alice spends months wandering on her own again, trying to follow radio broadcasts that she hopes will direct her to Arcadia. He spent the first two films on an apparent collision course with the near-invincible AI program known as Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). As for the first dream? He is reborn, an enhanced being, a star child, an angel, a superman, if you like, and returns to earth prepared for the next leap forward of man's evolutionary destiny," Kubrick explained, as revealed in the book Stanley Kubrick: Interviews. I think it did. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Her old life is gone, and society is collapsing all around her. She'll be coming back for them, and she'll be bringing the clone army with her.

In the movie's present-day timeline, a doctor named Tom labors feverishly to find a cure for his wife Izzi's brain tumor. She may be superhuman, but she's no machine — she has an empathy that her enemies lack, and that's why she is so often victorious. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. He's also, if you believe his inner monologue, an unhinged serial killer and sadist. Lynch himself has steadfastly refused to help untangle the movie, which moves in jittery circles around an actress (Naomi Watts), a mysterious woman (Laura Elena Harding), and a film director (Justin Theroux)...all of whom are mixed up in a dreamlike and frequently nonsensical series of events. The first is that episodes 1 to 5 focused on incidents, and the end of episode 5 marked this midway point.

So why the hellish visions, and why at the end do they turn more peaceful, with Jacob ascending into heaven with his son? In this version, Alice explains that Dr. James Marcus created it to heal his daughter, Alicia, who was aging prematurely.

The series isn't just about a struggle between Alice and an evil institution. Ultimately, viewers are told that much of what they've seen is a lucid dream in Cruise's brain, which has been held in cryonic stasis for more than 100 years, and that the more troubling elements of the narrative are the result of a glitch. Some might think this means Riggan actually does have powers, and has flown away. The Red Queen reveals to Alice that the formula for the airborne antivirus, which would kill off all of the infected, is hidden in the Hive. He communicates with her through gravity, thus guiding her to unlock the equation that helps humanity escape Earth. His job as an executive is no coincidence. Just like when we all used to sit around in college, or wherever, with friends just bull****ting about, you know, 'What is the world and why are we here?' But there's only one problem with their plan: Umbrella hasn't given up just yet.

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