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endobj ANGER MANAGEMENT Topics 4 and 5 These are a few examples of situations that people encounter at work that make them angry. Annoyance You may react in anger to minor irritations and daily hassles. When you are working on Topic 5 it is a good idea to review Topic 4 and have the students make Basic Anger Management Skills – Calming Our HOT THOUGHTS Simply reviewing a basic skills worksheet about anger management usually is not enough to change a long-standing problem with managing anger. There is one teacher at school who just doesn’t like you and Resentment You may feel angry when you’ve been hurt, rejected or … 11. • It is a source of energy. h�bbd``b`� $W�W �Z$X:A�4�l�H q��K��o �?�e �$Z� �R&F&3 ����4���o �a ( ;��öٛ�}����+��s[ٛ�%��W@�������ޔ�]�_偈��"�:�`���c� �����8�0��ϣ�}9e��6y��{�%*F)�h��T#h�R��|��~B�N\xN�3����s11��[ �8%�P������6�mw�EGҰo'����;���Y֢��ٮ��� ��o��N��1��JE|�;� ?/M���a�x��;�{�v�C���}-,�����c�m *�t�Yz΀���3R�d�����ybה��lK)���]v��)IF�ޡ��s'��#��onb;b�u�8�^�j�'���Z��n��Z�w�� ��+N�pHg�8^�F�iFu\����djiO��&]Im�����8����:��b(���ﲝI-��n���� 10.

anger management abilities. x̽ێlIr�wO�Uѽ�q�Ѝ��8�H�������IMUא��H�������WD����n�v��r�~7��럷�~��������������������^�����a��?m��o����������?R�*o����;��\��˛q�m~�e�o~�^N�X���/ۿ���/o������������~{�~��?~���e���e�?������w��/����ڿ����?����+��?������������Cܬ��x�rC�>�f�w��?�O����o޶_��$�=_w_nѓ��&;�=�0ٟ� \���mڇ�����tW^QL�q��r}4+���;Tg����\�k(�'�~�ݿ|��~��O���xd�������?l��G�ē�_�C���oT������ok���ۗ�~{�Y�������������m���Yߕ� ����r|í���:�M�٤�������~�{�;����ֿ&dD/ ؽm���T�C����_���FJ����ӎ���� Q�w}������=?34��i��כ�E���L���×](����|�#�v�/�ћ�����jsx079������}%�"����e��|������;��L�~����<���nZ��jx��O��s�����}��Q��:�K���q�|���'S���p��bpŗ6��5����뵴����}��r�r|��ʣlw��ě�Q��9�1�?|�E@&L�����eܡ��0Ob��? 2.Leave the room for several minutes, or hours, if necessary, before discussing sensitive issues that may provoke your anger. %PDF-1.5 %���� %��������� ޾���ɣ��H %%EOF �Bʈ��wa�,��.2�a�d�-!���Q2$wB�������ȍzv�1�rGOB�z����U]��&V�w�?���H5g��iV����%^&}i frp�ݬf3�M�ʗ�w���.�o(�6�����XC� ѓ9���Rm>^!/�msN���: ��Z?3bġG.�(�ϗ�C�;uZ��|��^����1��×�3����a~^�+����)&�+���=��w��?u�KP��?��-�*U�A$ o��g�����W�Z�E�gD�PL��I��]�$��8y�N�"�������a��L�Y,�?ә�@T����A��K�3綈��6.L���6�]z~_�c����}���w �3������4Ş0��! In the past twenty years, many research studies have focused on the value of self-reflection and journaling as a way of exploring personal characteristics, identifying 4 0 obj Talk with a family member, friend, or mental health professional about your anger and how it affects you. This includes the purpose of the group, group rules, definitions of anger and aggression, myths about anger, information about anger as a habitual response, and the introduction of the anger meter used to monitor anger. Anger is a natural response to threats of violence, or to physical or verbal abuse. 3.Write out a response to a problem before tackling it orally or in debate. 1 0 obj <>>> %PDF-1.3 ��7�a��x���݉���?�^�7\�Zlg�J8X�2r�e�f��%�|�9�:m���ջ��wt400�:^ stream 679 0 obj <> endobj 2 0 obj • It is a secondary emotion. H�(�F|7dX����K�8���镄��x�G�9�1B�#��t�Y�k�K

himself for napping when he should have been guarding the yard. Anger Management Techniques 1.Count to 20 before saying anything. ���ā5�ꙡb�`Űt&l-=�φ�$J��Ӿ��A� o�V�"&c4A��}�����k��n�@W׈+|&S~��yOfK���ݻrK�* �m�����ʰq5���ֵz���Y�K�~���j ͯ���/�C�?�����#p׹Z;��CFSo�z�I>��^�@�E}��T���EI����k���ӹ�_���RiS.O�z��1#1�;$����CJ��B ����ߖ�!�{ �#*���E�e��d4S�p"d� �E*,��'j�p��}j��U�c=zj0�����_k���S֎"���&NE����l`���/�P,�Á����K q�Q�C+x �������(x���A�Z�*�w,מ�Q� �y� Using video taping equipment, simulate and record anger scenarios using “RETHINK” (Foster) management skills. NOTES FOR UNIT: ��v}}!Ț5P���4·��WR){��r�/����y�,�#q�)U M���@mh[�Y�I2��d?F0�����qb�_��j�㋙���F�-T�z4�;J���y�r�,�h���%޶�ߟ,q%��T�3�(kÉD� �lV����=\�m���>\oZ�~m�\�+��s�еG�9);�zcl�{6̼��vf�/ﻡ�A恔>\�G�y�/y����:�B��x�ꚽ�ˉ�h.,}9��Z���pRB,�J��-���X�n���T�$���b�l�n�,� j!���������; ��@�yrt�#[ۓX�5�(�7�������v掻���G���~\~hiW��u� ͌���$��lW�f� a�? Still, with time, patience and practice, where there is a desire to get endstream endobj startxref }��J�#5`Q�y_�����_ް�w�����4ZSxT�p-�>ٶ O���ݳ��m���Do"�>��zO����s3�������oTor1�D�����w;��H|����N��mx-��E��������ăњ����r"�b ��a���-}^��p#b>�-����}���و{ǵ>ɿ���]�榟��o�%|Mp�������������!j3.ۀ�����������˅5�W����g};���W�Y�7�Jxֿ��cs_�p�mK߷�wg�h���V�����p��H��p��"��1CD�͊��Nn�������`w< 9. There are examples of coping statements (Topic 4) and assertive statements (Topic 5) that can be used during the role-play. (�J�M(s/Fj.cRXb���i�qǍ����a���v&j�GŽ����EK�Ap���l���[����6��I4���x�}�>�U�c�l��p[9\�M3B}LA&�~]��r�|cbbj�j���k�ߞᲴ\p�6�\{K.f��i��J؞��UJ�Ni� �a�������{_��8b�sfc�R/Ǿpk�h����!ـ|H�������|0$�y�~ӽF���\[���m����W�����|A���C!���DmA��B��.�_R�Q�^};�,Z Disappointment Anger often results when expectations and desires aren’t met. �Jk5U0V�2��U�����m��X���W��X]� l�j�7dS5,qY�M�F�����$��g�n�ݧA��v=P�Y[��"�n�xʏ9\x��G;���ۣ���. For example, Rover, the dog, may become angry when you pull his tail, and he may growl or bite because he feels threatened or annoyed. z��Ǫi��+��V�b��JCv���[�F���y��w�a��xE�UO�D){���E^�M��y����z� ��l(�e�*��x{@�tt�������������F� C�`1@� l(2 Bq( �� Iq�b����/��4K��6�Y�XL����1�0g2?eYļ��[K�-��ˌ�U%x ��v�o�~�r�Jh�X10G� iF�}5s�/ �za�8#0��{�B�1* Zb�� %����

~�m߾�e�o�9�Ss������7)����%Q_�摤�=����inpi~�G�W0 k6^�[H�[�����~BLׯ��ב�&NZ����|����o�I��sS�� y �^#ܾ��L�k}�x�����M��T�:.�ߐ�XO�U�ʾ�����w���TZ�8D����L`c��o ����0[!/R��Z#�$���9ǔ�� Z��3Ad;�r. <> GB�c_1�1���0Z,熋�Qh��{ x��\�o�8�� ��>Z��,R$% b'����nn'��]v?��vۓ��뇽޿���oIT+�0�"�A�Ū_U��'o6�����.��Ǔ7����vy�}:��=�����������n}����'��v��������4;{{��}|���e�go^�bY ���RE�EV+U4��{(��/u�ھ~Uf+����է�,?n���������N��?��{���^�z OVERVIEW OF ANGER MANAGEMENT TREATMENT .

No matter how hard you study, you just can’t seem to figure out that one subject at school. However, Rover will probably never get mad at . endobj

Human anger is more complex than the anger we see other animals expressing. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj stream In this first session, you will get a general overview of the anger management treatment. <> Read and discuss the suggested references related to Anger Management. ����x����B�U4r}�Q�"�mdt��n�D:��ъ�4��y(v�?B����,��v. Hernando County Youth Court Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Skills October 2009 Page 5 of 23 Here are some things you should know about anger: • It is a powerful survival tool.

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