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It outlined a vision and requested a plan to make broadband internet service accessible, reliable, and affordable to all residents. Box 14328, Seattle, WA 98104. The costs are minimal and the only full throated objection has been STs concern about permitting impacts.

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While the communications I receive from constituents offer a variety of views, I see common ground for re-thinking and re-vamping what effective and equitable public safety means as we strive to achieve healthy communities. To retain some oversight role and to encourage a more standard pilot program that evaluates initial results, as Chair of the Transportation Committee, I sent a letter asking our SDOT Director to return to our Committee by next June and next December to report on specific metrics from the first 6 months and 12 months of the new program. Returning to the details, the new committees are imbalanced in a couple of obvious ways. Murray, a longtime community organizer who joined Pedersen’s campaign as a volunteer after he was “the only candidate who came to my community”—Solid Ground’s Sand Point Housing development in Magnuson Park—says she believed she was hired “to bring the voices of the people who aren’t heard to the table, and who I feel like desperately need to be part of the conversations and part of the solutions.

We also need a more coordinated engagement approach with the Executive departments of our city government, so that we do not have a separate process that competes and conflicts. Pedersen is going to find himself overruled. Thank you for taking the time to contact me. NAVIGATION TEAM: During the Budget Committee on August 5, we voted on several amendments to the 2020 budget for our Seattle Police Department. Let us disagree respectfully, seek common ground, and solve problems for Seattle.”. Creating a Strict Statewide Licensing & Review System.

Moreover, each Seattle resident has 3 Councilmembers who represent them: their district Councilmember and their two citywide (“at-large”) Councilmembers: President Lorena Gonzalez and Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda have already both pledged to defund SPD by at least 50%. I look forward to hearing from SDOT today as they summarize their 2021 operating AND capital budget proposal.“.

Thankfully, the Fairview bridge is being replaced now. Please continue to sign up through my website or by CLICKING HERE so I can hear your ideas, concerns, and requests. Because my single vote is not needed to achieve that specific goal, those focused on implementing that numerical goal may find it most productive and meaningful to ask the other Councilmembers to deliver the details, budgets, and legislation that enabled them to commit to their 50% pledge.

(I reported the news on Twitter Thursday morning). The latest Tweets from Florin Giurgiu (@floring83): "Most vitamins are useless, but here are the ones you should take via @BIUK" But, because we both care about the people, we want them to have confidence in their local government.

The residents of my district have a wide range of views, but most agree now is the time for smart changes in how we police our communities and how we pay for safety in a way that eradicates institutional racism, reduces harm to oppressed communities, and prevents crime for all of Seattle.

Mayor Durkan announced her plan to remove at least $76 million from the Seattle Police Department (approximately 20% of SPD’s $400 million budget).

There are Democrats in the legislature who are actually arguing for preemption. For Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat’s take on the various recall efforts, CLICK HERE. Councilmember Sawant has been pursuing this tax for years, so it seems disingenuous to link it to the pandemic. A group called U District Mobility, which includes a number of transit advocacy groups, has asked Sound Transit to widen Brooklyn to accommodate buses in the future.

An extra foot of lanes on Brooklyn would open up some very efficient routing options for routes such as the 49, Maintains flexibility as the neighborhood continues to go through massive construction and could support the long held dream to pedestrianize the Ave. a vital analysis focused on addressing climate change. We must insist that we have a reasonable and responsive replacement plan to make sure we are addressing the critical public health and safety responsibilities of city government, especially during the COVID pandemic. “I want the police officers who are listening today to know that I appreciate the good work that so many of you do. That’s east of the University Bridge (which needs repairs!) Asked if Durkan supported Lewis’ approach, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office responded, “Our 12 CSOs are currently finishing their months-long training, and will be deployed in February in neighborhoods throughout Seattle. Your $5, $10, and $20 monthly donations allow me to do this work as my full-time job, so please become a sustaining supporter now. As someone who sorted the incoming e-mails for Councilmembers I used to work for (Burgess in Seattle and De La Fuente in Oakland), the e-mails to this new City Council about police accountability and Black Lives Matter during the past three weeks have been different.

Sawant’s new assignment, along with the rule changes, will make it harder for her to hold such meetings through the council’s official committee structure; on the other hand, the changes could free her up to spend more time holding rallies, events, and  outside the confines of city hall, or to do more work building her party, Socialist Alternative, outside the city.

Do people drive to 14 Carrots from other parts of the city? And so I’m not going to sort of make an executive decision to cut out the people of Minneapolis and their electoral power, their democratic power,  just because I have disagreements with a certain elected official.”, “Certainly, my colleagues who have disagreed with me for many years have never sort of cut me out, knowing full well that my constituents elected me. Actions Taken Thus Far (consistent with “The Pledge” shown above): This Monday, I introduced Council Bill 119808 with Councilmembers Andrew Lewis and Tammy Morales to repeal a law that has had racist outcomes (Section 12A.10.010 of the Seattle Municipal Code). The day you report on every employee fired, or no employee fired, is a day closer toward the end of racism. Councilmember Sawant’s tax would, It wastes money. It is better to empower discriminated-against persons, not weaken them/us by validating learned helplessness.

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