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Before concluding on vision, let me remind everyone of the multiple growth drivers that underlie the $8.9 billion contact lens industry. Our offical web site has product information and advice on contact lenses. Having said that, we've got -- we have enough product coming off right now that we're going to be able to put up some pretty good growth rates. And then just going into my second question in as well, could you just remind us what the production delays were in fertility during the quarter and help us kind of better understand the contract that was won and why that gives you confidence, and despite the coronavirus, you still can see an acceleration in that franchise as you go forward in the back half of the fiscal year? What are you seeing from new competition in the silicone hydrogel daily disposable space, particularly from PRECISION1 and the new VSP lens? Brian will provide additional numbers, but our expectations for a strong year remain intact. Imec, Ghent University tout artificial iris in smart contact lens, UMass Amherst researchers tout sensing eye mask. For revenues, as Al mentioned, we anticipate a roughly negative $15 million impact from the coronavirus in Q2, but both businesses expect to make that up in Q3 and Q4. And if you look at VSP, I know that's making its way -- that lens is making its way out also.

So that makes me feel good. So just wondering if you could give us any color on what's happening with the non-silicon hydrogel daily performance. .gnw_table_border_collapse td.gnw_heading, .gnw_heading {font: 16px Arial; text-align: center; vertical-align: bottom;} Moving to MiSight, our innovative myopia management contact lens.

If you look at the rest of the world that's out there, we rolled in about $5 million, we just said generally speaking. Now this year, we have a lot of those salespeople in place, we are doing the TV ads more on a cable basis. .gnw_border_top_double {border-top: double black 3px !important;} We did take a little bit of pricing this year already. .gnw_table_border_collapse td.gnw_label_dline_i25, .gnw_label_dline_i25 {font: 12px Arial; vertical-align: bottom; text-align: left; border-bottom: double black 2.5pt; padding-left: 25.0px;} Instead of focusing images on the retina, images are focused at a point in front of the retina. We're doing them a little differently. I think it went out a couple of days ago. That’s part of what makes my new role so invigorating, and why I’m enthusiastic about the future. Asia-Pac is going to grow right now, I believe for the second quarter.

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