advocacy proposal ideas

In relation to the goal and objectives, what messages are likely to be persuasive with the primary audience? Effective pro-poor advocacy on access to ICTs must include strategies likely to lead to an increase in the voice and influence of the underprivileged sections of society in ICT and other policy making. It is useful to rate both impact and likelihood (e.g., low, medium, high). Who else has influence over the key political decision makers? In the social and economic development context the aims of advocacy are to create or change policies, laws, regulations, distribution of resources or other decisions that affect people’s lives and to ensure that such decisions lead to implementation. Our goal with our campaign is to create a brochure, in which we can hand out in class. It is accompanied by case examples and signposting to further tools and resources. The challenge culminates in a pitch competition on Thursday afternoon. It should be possible at the end of such a period to say whether or not they were achieved. Some of the basic tenets of the art of persuasion, found in political science and communication studies, appear also in early Greek and Chinese philosophy. Almost all effective policy-related advocacy efforts commence with observation and monitoring of the implementation and effectiveness of policies already in place. (i)Identifying relevant policies, laws and regulations. The Huaral Valley Agrarian Information System, Peru, This project is providing phone and internet access for poor farming communities and access to an agrarian information system, Low-cost and easy-to-maintain wireless networks used in harsh and remote locations in Nepal to provide phone and internet access to dispersed and marginalised communities. It also highlights the lessons learned: for instance, how commitments to change policy mean little without political will. The lack of “voice” of disadvantaged groups is a challenge at the core of pro-poor advocacy on ICT access. The message needs to be clear: it should explain what is being proposed, why it is needed, and what difference it would make. Our audience for this issue is going to be students, primarily the ones that we are familiar with, and a large portion of those students is female. Effective advocacy requires good organisational planning.

The primary target audiences are the institutions, and the individuals within them, who have authority to make the policy decisions that are sought.

Some of the lessons learned are also relevant to ICT policy advocacy.[10].

Can support be usefully mobilised across different political parties?

There is much that has been written on advocacy and how to gain influence.

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