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A Custodes force can be something as generic as "Custodes that defend Terra" to something as specific as "Custodes that hunt Orks to prevent another repeat of The Beast." The colors used in official color schemes, generally speaking, are: This leaves many colors to take Your Dudes if you would like to go your own way. Doing nothing with “we serve the Emperor not the Imperium” doesn’t fly, even for them, when they see the Emperor’s entire reason for BEING Emperor twisted and broken and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they could have prevented it...but explicitly and willingly chose not to. These are the example Adeptus Custodes Groups mentioned in the 8E codex, alongside their color schemes. We discover several things: that they didn't choose to be confined to the Imperial Palace, but were bound within it by Imperial law enacted by Guilliman, Dorn, and Valdor after the Heresy; that they never fully respected this limitation, sending brothers on missions abroad and maintaining their own network of informants, spies and allies all over the galaxy; and that their martial capabilities have been maintained in top shape by constant training against all manner of opponents (often by capturing dangerous foes, like Chaos Space Marines or Tyranids, and then releasing them inside deserted and cordoned portions of the Imperial Palace for a Custodian to hunt down). They seem to keep a number of them around Roboute Guilliman at all times, partially to protect him, and likely to stick spears in him if he ever seems too close to going traitor (not that it would help, as the Custodes themselves have noted even ambushing a naked Primarch is suicide). Perhaps the most notable thing about the Adeptus Custodes is the radically different combat approach between them and the Adeptus Astartes: Custodians are not brothers (though more recent fluff seems to dispute this; in both Watchers of the Throne and The Regent's Shadow, Custodians frequently address each other as brother, and indeed even refer to themselves as such during inner monologs). Pimped out beyond recognition? An, Guardian Spear, a combination of power axe and boltgun, which is. Instead, he very rarely communicates with any non-Custodes at all whether directly or indirectly, leaving the High Lords and Imperial Senate to their own devices and the Imperium leaderless, If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device. Otherwise, the Custodes remains a meritocracy, and as such a Custodian is afforded whatever honor his peers believe him to be worthy of. Space Marine legions were following the Emperors will. Questoris Knight Armiger Talon Rules. (A role that a Space Marine would never be expected to fulfill.) Each Custodian is sublimely skilled, their talents and abilities to the Space Marines what those transhuman warriors are to unaugmented Imperial soldiery. Captain Nathaniel Garro was also able to defeat a Custodes during a training duel though unlike other examples the Custodes was portrayed as been extremely skilled; Garro outwitted him and won by playing to his overconfidence (Garro being awesome helped). Unlike Space Marines, prospective Custodians are selected in infancy, long before they have any ability to prove themselves as Space Marine aspirants might be able to. A little too memetic; in fact Lexicanum and the 40k Wikia had to lock their pages to stop the flood of Jojokes. In the "present", they are instead taken from Terran nobility. Some, like Diocletian Coros, were single-minded to the point of myopia, and considered the nameless masses not worth his time. The fact the high lords even considered a coup against a Primarch that had directly talked to the emperor shows why the custodes wanted fuck all to do with them. This cloth color is also used in secondary colorings on other models -- for example, the Dreadnought or Terminator shoulderpads, or plates on the vehicles. Updated 25/01/2019. When Guilliman returns, he orders the old orders rescinded, and the Adeptus Custodes starts being dispatched to various war zones, including Guilliman's own Indomitus Crusade. Updated 11/03/2019. This plot point was never touched on again but was shown to still be canon in 4th edition. Nobody would ever expect that from GW but Custodes is actually the unaltered (!) The Emperor first created these elite warriors back in the old days of his conquest of Terra, making them souped-up and more long-lived versions of the already hilariously OP Thunder Warriors. Some events indicate this is an incorrect assumption from the Astartes, as Custodians fight as an organized force in the webway and on Prospero and a Custodes called Aquillon also fought in perfect lockstep with Argel-Tal showing they are capable of fighting alongside others. The training of the Custodians also differed immensely from the Adeptus Astartes, since they were intended to be bodyguards rather than soldiers. The Ten Thousand walk the stars in numbers not seen since the Great Crusade, and woe betide those who stand in their way. The Ten Thousand are still led by the Captain-General, a post inherited since the disappearance of Constantin Valdor millennia ago. While the Thunder Warriors were eventually replaced by the far more stable and far less brawny Space Marines, the Custodians apparently still use those ancient methods (but geared towards producing far more stable warriors) and as such lack a gene-seed.

the standard armament of the Custodian Guard. One of the first things they did was rid themselves of nudist Custodes. There have only ever been a. thousand Custodians seen at any one time. None of the official color schemes use Green (possibly due to the Sons of Horus using that color during the Hersey), Blue, Yellow, or Orange for their cloth. According to Valerian in Watchers of the Throne, those were staggering losses and a reminder that Custodes were far from invincible as a defensive force. The Adeptus Custodes were known originally as the Legio Custodes or Custodian Guard. Tribune Maldovar Colquan in Dark Imperium is a contemptuous bastard that harbours dislike and distrust of everyone ranging from guardsmen to Guilliman while Valerian and Navradaran from Watchers of the Throne are surprisingly tolerant and level-headed when dealing with mere mortals showing blatant weakness. ", "We were never soldiers... To them, it must seem as if we are wrath incarnate. Thanks to the Carrion Throne and Watchers of the Throne novels, as well as getting their own codices for 7th and 8th Edition, the fandom FINALLY has something to chew on. one of the regiments of the 9th century Byzantine army, be executed by the Commissariat in spite of his success, but to put the fear of the Emperor into anyone who hears about what happened, Fab-Custodes (Wamuudes, Custodisi, Karstodes), Adeptus Custodes (AKA Talons of the Emperor) Tactics, The one song that sums up everything about Custodes in 40k, Warlord-Sinister Pattern Battle Psi-Titan,, 40k Tribunes are slightly different from their counterparts of the old Legio Custodes. Whoah. Accidental collateral damage from attempted selfies. Like all Your Dudes headcanon, you can go as far with this as you want. The Adeptus Custodes are the Emperor’s personal guard.

Instead, they use a much more complex process of bio-alchemy to attain their superhuman abilities, and this process modifies them at a cellular level.

In general, the newer style picks a secondary color -- usually red -- to break up the gold by giving the pauldrons a base of that color, using gold instead to color the trim and detail on top of the pauldrons.

I am miserly with your lives, where I would spend so many others without a thought. Custodians often have leather pieces, especially the Jet Bikers, and also wear tabards, robes, and loincloths on top of their armor that are by default a crimson red color; this color is usually, but not always, the same between the cloth and shoulderpad. Legio Custodes Custodian Venatari Squad.

An Adeptus Custodes force -- known as a Shield Company or Shield Host if it's big enough -- will have a given color to the auramite bits (the armor), the auramite trim and other embellishments on top of the armour, the leather, and the cloth bits and shoulderpad. Their chapter master equivalent being their Captain-General, and their equivalent of a Primarch being the Emperor of Mankind. Stronger than a space marine, the Custodian is a fearsome, During the Horus Heresy the Custodians were tasked with duties. Dembski-Bowden was tasked with really defining the Custodes on a detailed level and the HH campaign books (being proper lore guides like Imperial Armour) take precedence over any codex or novel (excusing the aforementioned HH41). Otherwise, the internal Hierarchy of the Custodes has remained (mostly) unchanged. Generally their depictions have come in 3 flavours as weaker than Astartes, superior warriors but worse soldiers or flat-out superior to the Astartes, mostly because for the longest time the writers couldn't get their shit together on what to go with. One ritual that the Adeptus Custodes do share with Adeptus Astartes is the recognition of mighty deeds, manifested in their case with the awarding of names, which are added to the Custodian's title to represent the actions he has performed in service to the Emperor. As they’re updated Instead, he very rarely communicates with any non-Custodes at all whether directly or indirectly, leaving the High Lords and Imperial Senate to their own devices and the Imperium leaderless. Only the Emperor and his inner circle know their, thousand have ever been seen together at any one time, and, The Primarchs Horus, Rogal Dorn and Mortarion and their legions were vastly outnumbered and, close to defeat when the Emperor lead an attack from hi, pitated the giant, black-skinned Ork, the, Custodians laid waste to the warlord's prime warriors. Latin declension for "watchers / defenders / guardians". Ra Endymion, in particular, was seen mowing through hordes of proto-Khorne Berzerker World Eaters, chewing through captains with little difficulty. They stand a full head taller than a Space Marine. This means wherever Guilliman goes he has quite literally the best bodyguards in the Imperium watching his back. It may signify both the veil protecting the main altar in some churches, which reminds of the job of the Adeptus Custodes within the Imperial Palace, as protectors of the Throne room scanning and herding those brought to "commune" with the Emperor (either as astropaths or Auditore Imperialis); or a small circular box containing the Host, therefore protecting the corporis mysterium (remember that soothing space marine chant in Latin from Dawn of War I? They act on the opposite end of the scale to Grey Knights who fight against the warp on its own terms. On the flip side they were ridiculously expensive (though oddly enough cheaper than a Grey Knight Paladin), and barring catching a ride on a Land Raider or deep-striking, they were stuck foot-slogging across the table. He knew that war would come. But we were His companions, once. Alien oppressors were routed or annihilated in a series of epic, During the Crusade the Space Marine legions were reunited with their, the Primarchs had been raised and now dominated became the Legions' Homeworlds and they, nent bases on them. While in 40k the Imperium is so reliant on the warp and its touch is so prevalent that its pretty much here to stay now, hence the GKs using the warp to (try and) destroy the warp). Sanguinius. and even correct (!!) Codex: Adeptus Custodes is a codex for the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000. Even GW might not know what's going on with them anymore. Their duty was.

Therefore, Colquan may be simply keeping himself emotionally distant and unattached from someone that has the potential to be a traitor. Download . Type: PDF Date: November 2019 Size: 47.5MB Author: d-fbuser-248190106 This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it.

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