a2 cow desi ghee

They graze natural grass, leaves, and medicinal herbs. Reminds me of Ghee made by my Mom! Amrutam's A2 cow ghee is hand-churned to perfection using the ancient 'bilona' process which retains the elements of sweetness and contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and calcium. New posts will not be retrieved.Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. For Cash-on-Delivery orders, you will need to email ([email protected]) us your bank account details for us to transfer the amount to you.
Report as Inappropriate. Your email address will not be published. A2 Ghee (Pure A2 Gir Cow Ghee) is produced from A2 milk obtained from desi gir cows raised in pasture. Use as an alternative to olive oil in salad dressing. Ghee is hand-churned with traditional methods. Our hand crafted artisan A2 Desi cow ghee is made in small batches from A2 milk of Indian desi cows, which contains only A2 beta casein protein and is notably healthier. shudhguna_superfoods Ghee has a higher smoking point than butter and that makes it much better for a variety of cooking and sauteing needs. The high smoking point helps prevent sticking or burning. Desi Gir Cow’s A2 Milk is used to produce Desi (A2), Cow Ghee. Our traditional ghee tastes awesome with a rich aroma.

When cows walk around and graze naturally in the open field, they are very healthy. Ghee is processed using the ancient Ayurvedic Bilona Padati Method. Add ghee to coffee to create creamy, rich ‘bulletproof coffee. DRUMSTICK LEAVES, METHOD: It works by stimulating the conversion of fiber into more butyric acid, which is essential for detoxing, and elimination of other fats, and toxins. Powered by Shopify, India's Purest Desi Ghee I Authentic Taste I 62 Years of Trust, 3069 IU (Approx Nutritional Value per 100 GMS), 15.7 mg (Approx Nutritional Value per 100 GMS), 897.3 (Approx Nutritional Value per 100 GMS), WHY SHAHJI A2 COW DESI GHEE IS GOOD FOR YOU. Our hand crafted artisan A2 Desi cow ghee is made in small batches from A2 milk of Indian desi cows, which contains only A2 beta casein protein and is notably healthier.. 30 liters of pure A2 milk is cultured into curd and churned traditionally using Bilona method to obtain butter, which then is heated in a pot on cow dung cake and wood fire to get pure nutritious healthy 1 kg Desi ghee. Serving customers around the globe, Shree Radhey promotes 100% natural Desi cow milk, butter, and ghee. Must try. We produce desi ghee from A2 milk obtained by desi cow. Get a step closer to Nature by choosing our ‘Shudh’ Products. Shahji Desi Ghee reserves the right to cancel or refuse to accept any order placed due to various reasons including but not limited to, the non-availability of stock, pricing errors, informational errors or problems identified with the personal/financial details provided by the customer. Refer a friend or relative to us and get a FREE Jar of our Pure, Ghee Hand-crafted Artisanal AUMRUT Refer Now . INGREDIENTS: Varni A2 Desi Cow Ghee contains high in A2-type of Beta-Casein Protein.

Set curd is churned in wooden churner using vilona-bilona method to separate butter from the curd. In the process, we also add some herbs to enhance the nutritional value of the ghee. GirOrganic dairy farm consist of more than 350 plus Gir cow which spread across 400 acre of Organic Certified land. It is a long established fact that a reader. Our desi cows give the best quality milk from which superior quality ghee is made. Now enjoy taste with health.

By using ghee for cooking, and as a replacement for butter, you can increase your intake of Vitamin A, plus it also is a good source of Vitamin D and E, which helps maintain a healthy metabolism and balance your hormones. Ghee made from milk which contains only A2 beta casein (protein) is called A2 GHEE. I love the aroma and taste of A2 Cow Ghee from Shahji. Butyrate or butyric acid, is a short-chain fatty acid that acts as a detoxifies, improving colon health. Made from Indian Breed Desi Cow's Milk. Jars that are torn or not sealed properly at the time of delivery. The short-chain fatty acid butyrate helps support a healthy digestive tract. Traditionally made ghee is very nutritious and cures many ailments in the body. The hump on the back of the cow absorbs sunlight and converts it to minerals in the milk. Like this Product , highly recommended, I was a bit doubtful at first since had never heard of the brand before but ordered to try. They graze natural grass, leaves, and medicinal herbs. The cows are treated with proper affection and love.

To me Ashtavinayak A2 ghee is exactly what my mother used to extract by collecting & storing the cream of milk at hometown.

We follow the traditional process to make ghee. Use ghee rather than vegetable oil or butter in cake and cookie recipes.

Proof of bill and original packaging must be provided at the time of exchange. With this in mind, we follow the traditional Ghee making process that helps preserve original nutrients as well as enhance it with beneficial herbs. Our farm. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Grazing cows in the open field under the sun not only keep cows healthy, but they also give us nutrition-rich milk. Such cows are grass-fed and not farmed by the mill, and are free of cross-breeding, which gives our Ghee its unique, natural qualities. Mix with a light sprinkle of salt and drizzle over freshly popped popcorn. The gathered milk is boiled in small batches for obtaining cream and butter which is cooked on a mild flame to maintain the best quality of ghee. Energy from medium-chain fatty acids in ghee and coconut actually burn other fats in our system, leading to weight loss. Traditional ghee is known to cure many health problems. Shudh Guna Pure Desi (A2) Cow Ghee is magnificent in taste, and 100 percent natural prepared using the traditional methods. Due to this process, Ghee retains all the essential nutrients and fatty acids.

Instagram post 2190038217582336822_25374475436 Use as a binding agent in baking recipes, such as biscuits and pie, for a flakier, tastier dough. When you apply ghee in a belly button before going to bed, it helps to cure pimples and lighten dark spots on face, cure chapped lips, make them soft and pink.it helps to make skin crystal dear and glowing.

It can be used to soothe skin burns or sun burns.

Ghee is the central constituent of Vedic culture and infuses Sattvic virtues of life. We promise to deliver the best. Proper levels of Vitamin K2 help to protect against tooth decay, supports proper growth and development of bones. Deep frying oil for puri, donuts, battered chicken, or chips. Milk from India's Finest Kankrej Cows. It stimulates stomach acids to aid in digestion, whereas other fats and oils can slow down the body’s digestive process. From the finest farms of Kangeyam Cattle, this A2 Breed is locally known as the 'KonguMaadu'. All rights reserved. We follow the tradtional ghee making process to make pure and authentic ghee.

Ghee is rich in fat soluble vitamins A,D,E. These cows graze in the forest land the entire day.

Shudh Guna never fails to satisfy our customers. It enhances the quality of the milk to many folds.

They give us healthy and delicious milk.

Shudh Guna never compromises with the quality. Taste: Shahji desi ghee has good aroma and is granular.

Our ghee is made from pure cow milk that is grazed naturally. Ghee is made from 100% Pure A2 Cow's Milk. This helps maintain heart health. Packed with vitamins A,E, and K, as well as omega-3 and omega-9, this product is recommended by Ayurveda health professionals to individuals for healthier digestion. I love this ghee so good no harmful chemical in it itz pure. Ghee contains Butyrate, an essential short-chain fatty acid. Desi (A2) Cow Ghee is prepared on slow-burning cow dung fire. Varni Ghee is an A2 Desi Cow Ghee with using the ancient Ayurvedic Bilona Padati Method. Gir Organic Desi Gir Cow A2 Ghee is gluten free, easy to digest and safe for most people with lactose or casein sensitivities. This ghee does not include any preservatives, trans fats, dyes, salts, or any other additives. Desi Gir Cow’s A2 Milk is used to produce Desi (A2), Cow Ghee. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Protein, vitamins, minerals, even vitamin d, our ghee has all the essential ingredients required by our body. Majority of people, who have sensitivities to either casein or lactose, do not have an issue with ghee as these elements have been removed through skimming and straining. only some native Indian breed cow have A2 beta casein in their milk.
The hump on the back of the cow absorbs sunlight and converts it to minerals in the milk. Full cream whole cow milk is set to curd overnight. All right reserved. It has been shown to support healthy insulin levels and is an anti-inflammatory in nature. Keep up the good work Shahji Ghee!. After trying so many desi ghee available in the market and none to my health preferences, this definitely was a delight. By shani9211|2019-12-10T14:40:09+05:30December 2nd, 2019|0 Comments, By shani9211|2019-12-06T13:35:25+05:30October 11th, 2019|0 Comments. Farmers Like Me now have  a platform to earn satisfactory  wages and we are proud to call Ourselves Shudhguna Partners.

Protein, vitamins, minerals, even vitamin d, our ghee has all the essential ingredients required by our body. I really like the fact that Shudhguna promotes health over anything. Churned butter is converted into pure ghee at optimum temperature. milk containing A1 beta casein in is most commonly found in all commercial dairy product due to foreign breed cows and cross breed cows in … I am myself using Shahji ghee at home and it genuinely is the best pure desi ghee. It takes thirty five liters of sacred writing A2 milk to form one litre of this precious clarified butter. Grease your pans with ghee.

Buy pure, delicious, organic milk and ghee from us and receive at your doorstep. It also heals dry, cracked skin with its moisturizing properties and can be used to hydrate and improve hair texture. The KonguMaadu Cows is nationally know as the 'Kankrej' Cows Give your loved ones the gift of AUMRUT! These nutrients improve immunity, help in digestion, are good for the functioning of the heart, improve eyesight, and are good for bone and joint health.

Free Shipping all around India. They give us healthy and delicious milk. Separated butter is washed and melted into ghee by our experts who can make awesome tasting ghee. These cows graze in the forest land the entire day. The ghee prepared with machined and chemicals does not have medicinal properties. Matrukripa Organic is the best organic Desi ghee provider across the country and abroad also. Varni Ghee is an A2 Desi Cow Ghee made using Bilona Padati Method. After trying many in the market I could finally settle for one which is perfect for my family and tastes great too. An order cancellation request will be accepted only if the product has not yet been shipped by us. When I Order from here, I am satisfied because all products are pure and organic. This process will also take seven working days to reflect on the statement. No minimum value orders required. Desi (A2) Cow Ghee is prepared on slow-burning cow dung fire. Grazing over therapeutic grasses in pastures allows a nectar of desi gir cows ‘ milk. A2 DESI COW GHEE, HERBS: The use of fertilizers and pesticides has significantly downgraded the quality of agricultural products. Our Desi Cows are grazed in the forest during the day. Unfortunately they don't know there in hometown that the milk they get there contains A2 protein. It is also very healthy. We bring the most natural and Shudh Products straight from the best organic farms across the country. Your email address will not be published.

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