2 step for automatic mustang

Brenspeed Trans Brake 2 Step Launch System 11-17 Mustang Automatic (Plug and Play) - Looking for that killer drag strip launch or just the sound of an amazing race car launching? Application-Fits 1996-2019 Mustang Stephanie with AmericanMuscle.com here here with the MSD Launch Master 2-Step Rev Limiter for 1999 to 2010 V8 Mustangs. Nowadays, we’re using MSD’s latest 2-step module for the ’11-plus Coyote-powered Mustang on our supercharged 2013 Mustang GT.That car recently received an automatic transmission swap, and, when combined with a transbrake, was looking to take full advantage of launching capability at the drag strip. Hey, guys. The 2-Step modulates the ignition by cutting power to the ignition coils to hold RPM when you launch. FOLLOW: 79 93 mustang, 94 04 mustang, 05 09 mustang, 10 14 mustang, 2015 mustang, mustang, engine, ignition In its most basic definition, a 2 step is a rev limiting device that you install on your car that has 2 stages, one with a lower RPM and the other at a higher RPM. Brenspeed Trans Brake 2 Step Launch System 11-17 Mustang Automatic (Plug and Play), 2018-20 Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2018-20 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 2018-20 Paxton/Vortech Superchargers and Upgrades, 2018-20 ProCharger Superchargers and Upgrades, 2018-20 Edelbrock Superchargers and Upgrades, Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection, 2015-17 Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2015-17 Mustang Edelbrock Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Ford Racing Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Vortech Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Paxton Superchargers and Upgrades, 2011-14 Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2011-14 Mustang Roush Superchargers & Upgrades, 2011-14 Mustang Vortech Supercharger & Upgrades, 2011-14 Mustang Edelbrock Superchargers & Upgrades, 2011-14 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 05-10 Mustang Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2005-10 Mustang Roush Superchargers and Upgrades, 2005-10 Mustang Edelbrock Superchargers and Upgrades, 2005-10 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 2005-10 Saleen Superchargers and Upgrades, 99-04 Mustang Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2018 Mustang GT Roush Phase 1 Supercharger Package 700 HP, 2015-2019 Mustang GT Brenspeed Ford Racing Shock Stuts and Eibach Lowering Spring Package Installed, 2015-19 GT Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers Install Package, 2015-2017 ROUSH 670HP Phase 1 Supercharger Installation Package, 2015-17 Mustang GT Brenspeed Cooling Package W/ Adler High Performance Radiator Installed, 2015-17 Brenspeed ROUSH Phase 2 Supercharger 750HP UPGRADE Installation Package, Brenspeed 2015-17 GT Enhanced Traction and Anti Wheel Hop Package, Brenspeed 2015-17 GT Ultimate Suspension Upgrade Package, 2011-14 Mustang GT Brenspeed Edelbrock 585E, 2011-2014 Brenspeed 626R Roush Supercharger Install Package, 2011-14 Mustang GT BBK Long Tube Header Installation Special, 1999-14 Mustang GT FRPP 3:73 or 4:10 Gear Installation Special, 2005-14 Mustang GT Suspension Package Install Special, 2010-2014 Mustang GT Brenspeed Cooling Package Installed, 2005-2014 Mustang GT Rear End Rebuild Package W/ FRPP Gears and Strange Axle Upgrade Installed, 2005-2014 Mustang GT Rear End Rebuild Package with FRPP Gears Installed, 2005-2010 Brenspeed Paxton 1200 Throwback Supercharger Install Package, 2005-10 Mustang GT Camshaft Install Special, 2005-10 Mustang GT Half Price Header Installation, 2005-2010 BBK Long Tube Header Off Road X Pipe Install Package, 2005-2009 Brenspeed Cooling Package Installed, 1994-04 Mustang BBK Long Tube Header and Off Road H Pipe Install Special, 1994-04 Mustang GT Tokico HP Suspension Package Install Special, 1996-04 Mustang GT Exedy Clutch/Flywheel Install Special, Coyote Swap Programmers & Custom Calibrations, Auto & Manual Control Packs & Controllers. Fitment Note Will work on any fuel injected vehicle including automatic or manual transmission. The MSD 2-step is going to be for the '99 to 2010 owners out there that are looking to create a consistent, reliable launch on the track, strip, or even on the street. Be sure to check out the video below to see just how cool this launch system is. Included in this complete system is everything you need to turn your automatic mustang into a monster on the street or strip. This kit allows you to set the RPM to any number you want!

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