1983 dunbar basketball team roster

As a senior in 1973 Langloh was one of the primary guards for Dematha.

6) 2013-2014 Montverde Academy (Mont, FL) (27-1)*Players: DeAngelo Russell (NBA), Ben Simmons (NBA), Justin Bibbs (Virginia Tech), Jayln Patterson (LSU), Jordan Caroline (Nevada), Chris Egi (Harvard), Ifeanyi Umezurike (St. Francis). Coach Wade had a special corporal punishment regiment he would impose on the players for infractions, ranging from cutting class, to missing the open wing man on the fast break.

I can not believe that another H.S. 1986 Camden team with Banks and Carstarphen was tough!

UNIVERSITIES during rhse times.teams led by CHARLIE LEACH & REGGIE "SALLY" GREENE in the 50's RALPH"TEA LEAF"LEE & DICKIE KELLY in the 60's, the late GREAT JIMMY CARR, SKIP WISE, ERNIE" DUMP" GRAHAM" TONY" THE TIGER"BROWN. I remember when mugsy's sister and I was in the same class at Dunbar.

The guard became the first player in the school’s history to have his jersey and number retired. As a senior, Oden averaged 22.1 points, 10.5 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game while shooting 74 percent from the floor. Russell averaged 19.3 points, 4.7 assists and 3.6 rebounds per game as a senior.

The Wildcats went on the road and beat the nationally-ranked Spartans in front of a capacity crowd. Everyone knows that Dunbar of 1983 is considered the greatest high school team of all-time.

The 1966 DeWitt Clinton team had all 5 starters drafted by the NBA, led by Nate Tiny Archibald.

Jake Robinson (author) on October 20, 2012: Thank You for reading the article and I stand corrected... Calvert Hall did not beat Dunbar in 1982. Sectional State Championship 58, Some of your Top 10, School history can’t touch this…, What about Weequaic High School in Newark NJ in 1966-1967. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change.

After his college career, he was drafted fourth overall by the Los Angeles Clippers. The won the vaunted City of the Palms tournament by defeating Milton, Lincoln, Providence School and Paul VI. I can still see the little five footer throwing it down and the gym erupting. Our list includes 1982 Dunbar Poets, 1993 Oak Hill Academy, 1989 St. Anthonys, 2014 … We came up with the 10 best high school basketball teams of all time. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. From 1956–1988, they won 17 conference crowns, as well as 4 mythical National Titles.

The Eagles’ championship at Dick’s Nationals capped off a season in which it beat 16 teams that were at some point ranked or included in the final FAB 50. Never challenged in any game.

What was Kevin's last name??? 1972 Thornridge from Illinois – closest game all year was 14 points – won the state title game by 35. Absolutely unbelievable.” Wise scored 39 points (22 in one of the most dominating fourth quarters ever) on an array of long jump shots and slashing drives that left the crowd in an absolute frenzy. Crenshaw high school, 1985 with Big John William’s and Stevie Thompson. The 6-7 Kenny Carr was an unbelievable power forward for Dematha. JUST DIDN'T HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES.

Archbishop Carroll had 3 AAs in 6’10 John Thompson, 6’9 Tom Hoover, and 6’2 George Leftwich. If you have game, then you can play. I think Thornridge could beat Dunbar due to their great chemistry and Buckner’s ability to will his team to win. They made their way through a vaunted national schedule to reach a 31-0 mark. No Headphones. Reggie Williams had the perfect mixture of athleticism and touch. The coach was Mike Brown who was one of the best. Brandon McDonald was a defensive player who locked up opposing teams top offensive players. Upon rule violation, players could be seen and heard doing jumping jacks and cross-country runs, with their bricks in hand.

They played another game on ESPN2, as they took on future pro Eric Gordon and North Central. As a freshman in 1969, Wooten received a knock on the door.

He sometimes gets lost in the shuffle because he was a year older, but the other boys looked up to his competitive nature and experience. Boston was still dealing with the consequences of Len Bias's death in 1986, and it looked like they were starting to pull out of their doldrums. Hello can anyone please help. A couple teams were left out of either the top ten or honorable mention: the 1975-76 Washington, D.C. Dunbar Poets with Craig Shelton and John “BaBa” Duren with a deep supporting cast 32-0. Houston Yates lion 2009-2010 I sense they all came from the same neighborhood, or close enough, which is incomprehensible. He was the primary scorer on the team, and with his long legs he could cover amazing ground, while slashing to the hoop. Simmons and Russell became roommates and together led the school to national championships in 2013 and 2014. 12 division one caliber players. D.J.Johnson/Baltimore Orioles on March 23, 2017: Last time i checked only 2 players from the same high school.

In 1891, James Naismith was told to create a game that could be played inside during the winter. In addition the list features several different regions. This week we dive into what a pro athletes eat. His versatility, passing skills and playmaking instinct were apparent as a teenager. I stand in awe of him.” On October 13, 2000, Coach Morgan Wootten was inducted into the Hall of Fame, one of three high school basketball coaches ever so honored.

Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC. I have always felt small and insignificant in the face of all those banners. The 1983 team was #1 from wire to wire, and no one else was in the conversation. While he did turn out to be an outstanding player, as a junior, Kenny Carr hardly played at all on that 1972-1973 DeMatha team because of a serious knee injury. Poet 4 Life. If you're on the team bus for a road trip, dress smart, no talking, read a school book or a newspaper. Coach Harry Johnson Unranked to # 4 in the Nation . The Diet of an Athlete | Legends Blog Posted on June 19, 2019, Good Old Boys - Jason Williams & Randy Moss Posted on May 20, 2019, 23 Michael Jordan Stories Posted on October 24, 2018, 10 Greatest High School Basketball Teams of All Time Posted on January 10, 2019, Best Playground Basketball Courts in America Posted on December 30, 2014, Strangest Sports Memorabilia of All Time Posted on December 30, 2015, Biggest NFL Hits of All Time Posted on July 31, 2018, Talent Hot Beds of America Posted on February 25, 2018, Top 10 High School Football Teams Ever Posted on October 27, 2017, Youtube Volume 1 Posted on October 20, 2017. Muggsy Bogues and David Wingate both played for the Hornets, and watched with bewilderment and horror as their high school comrade lay still on the parquet floor.

(2 games in the ABA" SPURS).THE 1983-84 season, lead by MIKE BROWN wasn't one of the teams u were writing about.It was the 1981-82 team lead by David Wingate.Yes that group of young men was awesome.

28-0 State Champions. During his NBA career, Bogues tallied 6,858 points, 6,726 assists and 1,369 steals. They went out of state to play a team with future NBA starter 6’8 Abdul Jeelani, and led at halftime 45-9.

By the end of season their winning streak had reached 45 games. They faced off with Karl Anthony Towns and his St. Jospeh team from New Jersey, before prevailing 79-70. The "ghetto dumbells" were bricks wrapped in tape and Poet practice jerseys for padding. Paul Vl didn’t exist as a school until many years later and O’Connell wasn’t particularly good that year. I attended " THE SCHOOL", which us ALUMNIS PASSIONATELY CALL IT.

Legendary coach Kevin Boyle continued his dominance, posting a 27-1 record. During his 15 year tenure in the NBA, he also played for the Spurs, the Bullets, the Hornets, the Supersonics and the Knicks. The chances that another public school would ever have 4 NBA players, with three of them being drafted in the first round, on the same team is rather remote.

What about Wilbur Cross in 1973 we were No 1 in the country and in my 4 years we lost only 2 games 70-74 and Hillhouse back in the 1950s, chino hills at number 8 is just disresptectful they didnt have a single loss and they beat teams with 30plus. The point guard is going to be a crucial element in the defensive scheme, which will translate into easy buckets from the offense. Their dominance as a program has reached more than 50 seasons. The jitterbug firestarter was the perfect weapon for such a defensive attack.

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