1946 gmc 2 ton truck

1946 GMC 2-ton truck: Vin # 23629638, Model # CC303, Serial # 48180P.

The engine runs, and the truck moves.

[29] A total of 2,466 ACKWX trucks were built — both according to GMC's serial numbers, as well as the U.S. Army's acceptance figures. The engine runs, and the truck moves. New starter and good battery. The GMC CCKW, also known as "Jimmy", or the G-508 by its Ordnance Supply Catalog nr, was a highly successful series of off-road capable, 2 1 ⁄ 2-ton, 6×6 trucks, built in large numbers to a standardized design (from 1941 to 1945) for the U.S. Army, that saw heavy service, predominantly as cargo trucks, in both World War II and the Korean War. [8][9][7] Additionally, GM built over 150,000 units of the CCKW's smaller brother, the ​1 1⁄2-ton, 4×4 Chevrolet G506, at the same factory. This truck has the original 236 GMC engine. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Otherwise mechanically identical, its compact cabin design allowed a 15 ft (4.57 m), and later 17 ft (5.18 m) cargo bed to be fitted. [27] Tires were 7.50-20, and weight came in at 7,532 lb (3,416 kg). [30], Some 1,000 of the 3-ton 6x6 trucks were originally contracted by France, but – just like the 4×4 ACK trucks – after the defeat of the French, diverted to Britain in 1940. Only the first 50 units produced had closed cabs, all others were open. Tires were 7.50-20, brakes were hydraulic with vacuum assist. A standard rectangular van configuration was used in communications, medical, workshop, and many other specialty roles. This truck has the original 236 GMC engine. Your online resource for classic & modern chevy truck information. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of 1946 GMC Truck parts, including 1946 GMC Truck interior parts and soft trim, 1946 GMC Truck exterior sheet metal, 1946 GMC Truck moldings, 1946 GMC Truck emblems, 1946 GMC Truck weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly … [26][27] Transmission was four-speed manual, combined with a two-speed transfer-case engaging the front axle for all-wheel drive operation. The GMC CCKW began to be phased out, once the M35 series trucks were first deployed in the 1950s, but remained in active U.S. service until the mid-1960s. [6][7] GMC's total production of the CCKW and its variants, including the 2​1⁄2-ton, 6x6, amphibian DUKW, and the 6×4, 5-ton (on-road) CCW-353, amounted to some 572,500 units – almost a quarter of the total WW II U.S. truck production, and 70 percent of the total ​2 1⁄2-ton trucks.

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