Anti-Incumbency May Make BJP Win Says Sunil Deodhar

Sunil Deodhar’s efforts in the state of Tripura are likely to bear fruit considering the confidence with which he is holding the anti-incumbency as their trump card.

Coming to the state three years ago and beginning from the grassroots, the BJP poll strategist has turned the party into a force to reckon with in the state for the CP(M) government headed by Manik Sarkar. The elections which are scheduled for February 18, 2018, are bound to get a victory for the BJP, he feels. The reasons as he put them were an inept chief minister, his mismanagement and poor control.

Deodhar remarked that under CP (M) rule there was no upliftment of the poor and the percentage of people with BPL cards still stood at 67%. Corruption was rampant with lakhs of people being looted by the innumerable chit funds that had mushroomed in the state. The Chief Minister had turned a blind eye to all of it in spite of the many ministers being involved. People were fed up and wanted to remove the CP (M) from power. However, they were scared to express their feelings for fear of repercussions from supporters of CP (M) and Deodharwas hopeful that they would cast their decisive vote on the polling day.

When asked about BJP’s Chief Ministerial face for the state, Deodhar stated that he would be decided by the Parliamentary Board and the MLAs voted to power. However, it is likely that it will be none other than Biplab Kumar, the BJP State President who is pitted against Amal Chakraborty, the State Committee Leader of CP (M) for the Banamalipur seat in the state capital, Agartala.

On being questioned about the difficult task he faced of building the party strength in the face of a cadre-disciplined CP (M) he retorted to ask the same question to the opposition. He expressed his preference to his job role assigned by Amit Shah of making Bharat Communist-free over his previous role of being the pracharak of the RSS.