Regional Language Consumers To Be 75% Of Internet Consumer Base By The End Of 2021

Users of Regional language will add up for 75% of the Internet consumer base of the country by the end of 2021, claims a report. Reasonably priced handsets and low priced 4G and 3G connections are boosting digital literacy and internet penetration in the nation. In addition to this, authorization to high speed Internet connectivity is no longer limited to metro towns, which is posing a huge move in consumption patterns of online content, as per the Times Internet research The Changing Lingual Face of Digital India.

The user base for regional language in the country has expanded at a compounded rate of 41% from 2011 to 2016 to cross almost 234 Million. This is anticipated to develop by 18% CAGR to cross 536 Million by the end of 2021 in opposition to English that might develop at 3% CAGR to cross 199 Million by the end of 2021. The Times Internet research studied more than 90 Million users and observed the rapid move of digital consumers towards consumption of regional content, since over 50% of those are non-English consumers.

Over 2/3rd of Hindi users are also reading English, it noticed. “Local languages have over taken English with a 66% market share in general consumption of content,” it claimed. Across all local languages, news as a type witnesses the greatest consumption of content at 67%, followed by entertainment at 16% and sports at 17%. This data was given by the industry sources to the media in an interview. The sources gave the information on the sole condition of being unnamed.

Amongst female consumers, Gujarati language has the greatest consumption of online content at 44.78%. The study further noticed that consumption of content in local languages amongst younger spectators is growing fast, with usage among people of fast in the age group of 25–34 being the greatest.