Microsoft Reports Parental Controls To Keep Your Children Secure Online

In its attempt to defend children from harassment and cyber bullying, Microsoft this week listed alternatives for parents and families to make sure kids are sheltered when they are online along with Windows 10. As per “Digital Civility Index” of Microsoft, it has been noticed that 64% youth of India are at danger to online harassment and cyber bullying and 75% are aware of a family member or friend who has encountered to online harassment.

Almost 44% have met the executor of the danger but just 50% are well-informed about where to receive assistance if required. “I frequently question what I require do as a parent, or as Microsoft, how we can teach our users about the easy stuffs that that they can carry out to keep kids protected in the cyber globe,” Partner Technology Lead at Microsoft India, Alok Lall, claimed to the media in an interview this week.

To switch on parental controls for your kid, direct to the search bar of Windows, and type “family options” and tap on that alternatives below settings. Make an account for your kid and turn on the parental controls, claimed Microsoft to the media. “As soon as parental controls are turned on, 2 functions are enabled by default. Initially, browsing of Internet on Microsoft Edge browser turns out to be strict, making sure that no adult material will be shown in any of the results for the search,” the firm claimed.

“Next, “InPrivate” browsing is prohibited, turning off incognito mode of browsing for the kid,” it claimed. Switching on parental controls for Windows 10 offers a mutual way to keep children secure on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. “It is not just me making decisions as to which websites she must go to, it is more of a two-way effort,” claimed Lall to the media.