Sony Claimed To Employ LG Display’s Flexible OLED Displays In Future Handsets

Sony Xperia handsets are normally loved by users for their performance of camera. On the other hand, they are frequently criticized for its orthodox design with huge screen bezels on bottom as well as top. This problem may be solved shortly. As per Business Korea, Sony has allegedly asked for help from LG Display to bring supple OLED screens to its “Xperia” series of handsets.

This is not the initial time Sony is employing screens of LG Display. The Korean behemoth has been providing OLED screens for TVs of Sony Bravia. When can we witness Sony Xperia handsets with flexible screens, cannot be ascertained precisely for now. On the other hand, if the report has some truth, such smartphones are on the cards. Even if Sony rolls out handsets with flexible displays, it will not be the first since Samsung by now has proved itself as the dominator in the specific sector. But it will not be the last to bring this technology to handsets either.

We have witnessed various tech companies displaying flexible screens as an example at events. The most famous brands comprise Samsung, LG, and Microsoft. At CES 2018 we witnessed LG rolling out a “rollable” television, while with Samsung we have witnessed curved displays in handsets since last couple of years. It is also claimed to have showcased its “Galaxy X” smartphone, the first foldable handset of the company with flexible display, to associates. The handset might arrive in 2019. Hence Sony will probably roll out a similar technology post Samsung.

Speaking of OLED displays, Sony’s rumored “Xperia XZ Pro” lately came into limelight as its specs got leaked. As per the initial statements by various reports, the handset might be Sony’s first to feature a 4K OLED screen. The earlier rolled out Xperia Z5 Premium sports a 4K screen but a non-OLED type.