The US Soldiers Give Away Sensitive Details While Jogging

A highly interactive map was posted on the internet, which clearly shows the location of the people who use the latest fitness trackers like Fitbit. Along with this, it also reveals the extremely sensitive information regarding the whereabouts as well as the activities of the soldiers at U.S. military bases. This is one of the major security oversights that need immediate attention.

The GPS tracking company Strava published the Global Heat Map that utilizes the satellite information to map the location along with the activities of the subscribers to the fitness service of the company. This is done over a period of two years by illuminating the areas of activity.

Strava also included that, it has nearly 27 million subscribers across the world, which also includes people, who are the proud owner of the easily available fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Vitofit, and Jawbone. This also includes people who have a direct subscription to the applications of the smartphones. Though the map is not live, it depicts the pattern of the conjugated activities between 2015 and September last year.

In most of the portions of the United States and Europe, the map is represented as a blaze of light. This happens because of the millions of users who are actively using the fitness devices to track the daily activities.

The heatmap is almost dark in the warzones like Syria and Iraq. Some pinpricks are observed that are scattered all over the map. When these pinpricks are zoomed, the location, as well as the outlines of the known military bases, is brought into focus. It also brings the potentially sensitive sites into attention. This happens as the U.S. soldiers prefer using the fitness trackers to record their activities.

The U.S. military didn’t comment on the usage of the fitness trackers and its applications.