mAadhaar App For iOS To Roll Out Soon

Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI rolled its first ever app of mAadhaar back in July 2017. But since then, the app has been obtainable though Google Play Store only for Android consumers. Now, around 6 Months post its emergence, CEO of UIDAI has declared some advancements on the iOS front.

Ajay Bhushan Pandey, UIDAI CEO, declared over the weekend that they are already operating on the iOS edition of the mAadhaar application. In a small video he also cited that the application will be soon out. Unluckily, Pandey was not allowed to offer a particular date for the launch of the application. The short clip came as an answer to one of the questions by a consumer. In other clips, Pandey answered to different consumers on the latest data break and claimed that the Aadhaar application is safe.

Even though it is not for certain when the mAadhaar will come for iPad and iPhone devices, one can presume it to carry the similar functions as the Android edition. The app plans to allow consumers carry their Aadhaar individuality on their handset. During the roll out, UIDAI claimed that it also allows them block their biometric information anywhere and anytime. Apart from this, the app allows consumers share their eKYC data with any service operator, anywhere.

mAadhaar app on Android operates on v5.0 Lollipop and beyond. On downloading the app, consumers might need to enroll their mobile number in addition to Aadhaar. The mAadhaar application permits consumers to unlock or lock their biometric information. This indicates that once an Aadhaar card user allows locking system for biometric, her/his biometric information stays locked till she/he selects to either disable the locking system or unlock it (which is provisional). For security purposes, the handset must have the SIM of the enrolled mobile number for application of mAadhaar to operate.