Rainforest For Amazon Employees All Set To Open

Amazon’s dreams of providing a lush rainforest setting for its employees to relax and recharge has just come to fruition. The conservatory consisting of three interconnected glass orbs shaped like a huge tri-scoop sundae will be unveiled in morning hours of Monday.

About 40,000 global plants flourish inside the conservatory which also houses a very tall tree dubbed ‘Rubi’ measuring 55 feet. There is a tree fort or a sort of a bird’s nest which rests on the suspension bridge below ‘Rubi’ meant to hold small meetings. The availability of Wi-Fi enables workers to work or recharge in the natural, refreshing settings. Additionally, the spheres are meant to offer an impactive environment for holding candidate interviews for recruitment.

Visitors entering the sphere will be hit by warm and humid air due to the presence of 60% humidity as against the normal 30% office levels. Temperatures rise to 72 degrees with a five degree swing being provided. A five storey greenery filled ‘living-wall’ greets visitors as they enter the doors and outdoor breeze simulated by the ventilation systems is invigorating. The climatic variation enables visitors to adjust their bodies and settle on their preferred choice ‘micro-climate’. Employees can wind their way on the stone paths, brushing against the ferns, feeling the freshness of waterfalls and come back to work totally reenergized. Monitoring of employees is done through badge system and monopoly of the tree fort is not allowed. The height and width of the biggest sphere are 90 feet and 130 feet, respectively.

The tri-spheres which took seven years into its making created about 600 jobs along the way and have an accommodation capacity of 800 employees. The plant filled spheres is the showpiece of the $4 billion office project in downtown Seattle. The team associated with the project fine-tuned owner Jeff Bezos mantra to ‘Day One is Year Five’, rose up to several challenges that came their way and created the most amazing rain forest for its employees.