No More Support To Pebble Smart Watches From June 2018 From Fitbit

The curtain finally drops on the love story between Pebbles and Fitbit with Fitbit withdrawing its support from one of the most loved smartwatch brand of the country. The story that began in December 2016 will come to an end on June 30, 2018.

However, this comes as a respite to the Pebble users as the severance timeline was extended by six months up to June enabling Pebble users a chance to explore equivalent alternatives on the OS platform of Fitbit. The company stated that it was very happy with the fact that many Pebbles developers had turned to the Fitbit SDK for stretching their creativity which can be extended to millions of world-wide Fitbit users. With the Pebble ecosystem comprising clock faces and apps developing on the Fitbit platform, the users have an opportunity to tap Fitbit products in-depth while still being owners of Pebble devices.

By June 30, services like Pebble’s email, SMS, voice recognition as well as forums, development tool like CloudPebble, Timeline pins got from third-party apps and Pebble App Store will no longer remain accessible to Pebble owners. However, the functioning of many other apps and step counters will continue post 30th June. This includes its Android and iOS companion apps too as long as there are no updates to the contrary from the tech giants.

For Pebble’s die-hard fans, Fitbit is gifting a $50 discount on the latest Fitbit Iconic device provided they can give a valid serial number. Users who became Pebble owners prior to December 7, 2016, and chose to receive marketing communications from Fitbit will get an email. The rest have the option of a registration page.

Meanwhile, the company revealed announcement of top-class fitness and health features, Pebble favourites and Fitbit App Gallery on Fitbit OS.

Notwithstanding the breakup, the Pebbles success story will never be forgotten!