Nanga Parbat Mountain Climber Calls For Help As Friend Falls Sick

The daring rescue attempt on the ninth loftiest mountain of the world, the Nanga Parbat unfortunately failed to achieve total success. One of the two climbers, Elisabeth Revol could alone be rescued leaving her Polish climber-partner Tomasz Mackiewicz to become another victim of the killer mountain.

Success had eluded Mackiewicz six times and unfortunately the seventh time proved fatal for him. It’s no wonder that the mountain had been termed as the ‘Killer Mountain’ by the mountaineering community. The duo who was attempting to scale the mountain in wintertime beginning mid-December had almost reached their destination by Thursday, January 25, 2018. But the scale of Mackiewicz’s injuries made Revol secure him safely and climb down for help. She got through to one of her friends via satellite phone and this led the friend to begin the ‘GoFundMe’ campaign for raising funds for rescuing the two climbers. About $50,000 were the predicted upfront rescue expenses and as the efforts gained momentum the ‘GoFundMe’ page kept updating the viewers about the climbers’ status.

Rescue effort finally was led by a Polish ‘elite climbing team’ of four who was ferried from adjacent K2 peak by a Pakistani militia helicopter. Two of them remained in the base camp and the other two began ascending in search of the trapped climbers. In spite of losing contact with Revol due to her satellite phone going dead, the two rescue climbers managed to find her. A bagful of mixed emotions followed thereafter as the trio sorrowfully decided to leave Mackiewicz in view of the deteriorating weather conditions which could prove fatal to the rescuers too. Ultimately the rescue team could bring back Elisabeth alone with the help of the Pakistani militia helicopter. Elisabeth who was treated at Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad escaped with less severe injuries.

The rescue money which was raised by Elisabeth’s friends amounting to $125,000 would be given to Mackiewicz’s family to the maximum extent possible as stated by the Organizers.