Man Lose Life After Being Sucked Up By The MRI Machine In Mumbai

Medical malpractice cases are not a new kid on the block. One such shocking incident occurred at a Mumbai-based hospital where a man, age around 30, was pulled into an MRI machine and died. He was holding a metallic container with oxygen for his relative who was to be scanned, when entered the MRI room.

The family puts the blame on the hospital staff as this is a matter of huge negligence. They say the ward boy assured the safety when going inside the room. However, the MRI machine was switched on which was supposed to be switched off.

Those who don’t know, any metal objects that include jewellery, zippers, buttons, hair accessories and even artificial implants are not permitted inside the room that contains MRI machine.

The dreadful incident took place on Saturday, when Rajesh, the victim, was helping an elderly family member to have her scanned at the Nair Hospital. As per the family, the ward staff instructed Rajesh to walk inside the MRI room with the cylinder.

One of his relative whose mother was to be scanned, Harish Solanki stated that they reminded the ward boy that metallic items not allowed in the MRI room. The ward boy carelessly said in Hindi, “It’s okay, we are doing it on daily basis”. The physician as well as the technical attendant didn’t utter a word.

Solanki further added that the moment Rajesh walked in to the room, the machines tremendous magnetic field started pulling the cylinder with a massive force. Everything happened within a few seconds. So, before Rajesh could get rid of the cylinder, his hands are already jammed inside the machine with the cylinder.

The ward boy and Mr. Solanki somehow dragged Rajesh out of the machine, but his body all swelled up and was bleeding profusely. In spite of all the efforts made in the emergency care unit, he expired within ten minutes.

An FIR has already been lodged against Vitthal Chavan, the ward boy, Sunita Surve, ward attendant, and Dr Siddhant Shah, after which the ward boy and the doctor have been arrested.

According to Dr. Ramesh Bharmal, the hospital dean, the management and the police are enquiring the matter. Mangal Prabhat Lodha, local BJP lawmaker, demanded severe action against the culprits and compensation for the death.